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ancient style suit made in Song Dynasty--Qinxu

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Main fabric: gold silk jacquard, imitation silk satin fabric, flower and bird embroidery and other fabrics; auxiliary fabric: jacquard webbing, metal flower pieces, pearls, etc.


The Book of Mountains and Seas-Lingze




1. Tube top*1 2. Blouse*1 3. Large-sleeved shirt*1 4. Three-piece skirt*1 5. Cloak*1 A total of 5 pieces/set

Match Size

AS 1/3,58 body, 60 body, 62 body female general chest and high heel legs can be worn; other size dolls, please refer to the relevant parameters of this clothing, the data is smaller than this set of clothing or close to the body data can be worn


This style of clothing is modeled after the Hanfu made in Song Dynasty. The style is composed of a frugal and elegant tube top with a large embroidered sleeved shirt with a cardigan. The main colors of clothing are white, goose yellow, hosta green, etc., and gold, pink, and blue are used as embellishments. With simple style composition and complicated flower and bird embroidery, it is mainly embodied in the gold jacquard in Xia Lin, clothing margin, eyebrow and other places. Let the clothing enhance the sense of gorgeousness as a whole. It can also be worn for important occasions.
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